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The wording ‘metal finishing’ and ‘plating’ refers to all process that are carried out in connection with processes that will be used by Cranbourne Chrome Limited individually or in multiple quantities to include blasting, all forms of minor repairs, stripping, metal polishing and/or electro plating needed to achieve the required results on the customers work. Any items of work whether a whole unit or being taken apart into separate units of any one item that is passed to Cranbourne Chrome Limited or referred to with an end goal of have metal finishing work carried out will be deemed to be the item/s as left with Cranbourne Chrome Limited.

Expected Quality of Work Carried Out

Any procedures that are carried out whether processes that are applied to or chemicals used on the item/s are done at the Customers sole risk with no responsibility undertaken by Cranbourne Chrome Limited for damage or dis-satisfactory results of the item/s worked on. Cranbourne Chrome Limited do not offer any guarantee or warranty for any work that is carried out to these item/s.

Any issues or dissatisfaction by the customer must be reported back to Cranbourne Chrome Limited within 7 days of the customer receiving the item/s back into their possession. Cranbourne Chrome Limited do not accept responsibility for any damage or quality of work carried out unless they state acceptance prior to commencement of any processes or chemicals used on the item/s and work carried out thereon. Cranbourne Chrome Limited cannot accept responsibility that the item/s will be able to function/fit/be used for the same purpose prior to any work done by them due to the way metal polishing and electro plating is carried out. Customers leaving item/s with them agree that they do so at their own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by Cranbourne Chrome Limited for any damage/loss that may occur during said processes or chemical treatments. Customers are strongly advised to inform/mark Cranbourne Chrome Limited of any areas on their item/s that may be affected by said processes so that every care can be taken to avoid further damage or risk of loss. Item/s that present to be of special interest for whatever reason ie age/fragility/uniqueness must be pointed out prior to commencement of work. Whilst Cranbourne Chrome always endeavour to take every precaution possible they cannot be held responsible for any loss/damage/non function to the item/s for work carried out in relation to the metal processes or chemicals used by the Company. Very occasionally damage/loss can occur which is beyond our control, it should be noted that whilst every care is taken to avoid this due to the nature of the work we do and metals we work with this can happen for which we accept no responsibility.

Collection/Delivery of Work

Cranbourne Chrome Limited do not offer a collection or delivery service. Where possible all item/s must be dropped off or delivered to them. The Company will, if requested, package the completed item/s to the best of their ability ready for the customers own carrier to collect or pick up or arranged for and in person. Where a customer has arranged their own carrier or collection Cranbourne Chrome strongly recommend that the work is insured during transit and that they will not be responsible for any damage or loss to the item/s during said transit. If collection is not possible then small items can be posted back to the customer by prior agreement by recorded delivery if agreed to at acceptance of work and charged to the customer. Cranbourne Chrome will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may incur during said transit. Any items/s left with Cranbourne Chrome Limited will not be deemed to be their responsibility should they be stolen or damaged whilst on their premises or in any vehicle/storage area owned by Cranbourne Chrome its employees or operatives.

Cranbourne Chrome Limited will say at the time of accepting the item/s to be worked on or prior to that what the expected time of work will be but do not accept any responsibility for work that takes longer than the verbally/emailed quoted time and will do their best to return item/s to the customer at their earliest opportunity. If item/s are needed by a specific time/date this should be pointed out to Cranbourne Chrome prior to leaving work or arranging to be worked on where every endeavour will be made to accommodate the customers time frame.

Payment for Work Done

It should be noted that there is a minimum charge of £25 + VAT for any metal polishing or metal processes and/or chemical work carried out by Cranbourne Chrome Limited regardless of size or weight.

Any payment for work done must be made on completion of any metal processes carried out and at the time of or prior to collection. Discounts or adjustments of any prices can only be made by an appointed Cranbourne Chrome employee. All item/s will become the property of Cranbourne Chrome Limited until they have been paid for in full. Should full payment still not have been made 28 days after the customer has been informed verbally or in writing that the item/s are ready for collection Cranbourne Chrome Limited reserve the right to dispose of said item/s at the current scrap metal price and keep the funds to help recover the costs towards the work carried out. Should a customer inform the Company that they find themselves in financial hardship and are unable to pay for the item/s worked on by the agreed collection date, Cranbourne Chrome will make every effort to assist them and try to find a way to resolve the situation to both parties agreement. Cranbourne Chrome will not be held responsible for any goods that have been disposed of to recover costs. In a case of high debt for non collection and payment, Cranbourne Chrome reserve the right to pass the debt to a Collection Agency to recover costs with any charges incurred passed to the customer.

Acceptance of Work

Cranbourne Chrome Limited reserve the right to refuse to accept/carry out any metal processes on work presented or to be quoted on for whatever reason. It should be noted that by leaving/delivering your item/s to Cranbourne Chrome Limited you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

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