Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to clean my item before sending to you?

Ans. No, that is not necessary but we ask that you dis-assemble and label any parts so that we have the individual pieces. If You can add a list in with your parts, it is very helpful

Q. Can you plate car bumpers and over riders?

Ans. Yes we can.

Q. Can you electro plate car wheel rims?

Ans. No sorry we do not plate these, but we can shot blast and powder coat them in any of the RAL colours.

Q. Do you plate diecast (mazac)?

Ans. Yes we can, provided that pitting is not too deep as can be found to be common in these parts. We can apply heavy copper to blend some minor pit marks. This we would let you know if it was going to be possible upon viewing.

Q. Do you plate alluminum?

Ans. No sorry not a process we offer.

Q. How long will it take you to plate and return to me?

Ans. This would depend on several things, what is being sent, quantity and finish required.

Q. What days and times are you open?

Ans. Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4 pm and Friday 8 am to 12 noon.

Q. Do you have a minimum charge?

Ans. Yes it is £25 + Vat.

Q. How much will return carriage cost me?

Ans. This would depend on items sent and their weight, but would be basic charge using a carrier.

Q. Do you chrome motor cycle wheels?

Ans. Yes we can. We can also leave visable the manufacturers stamp mark as required (ie Dunlop etc) as some clients like to still see the original markings on view.

Q. Do you chrome plate wheel spokes?

Ans. No sorry. We would advise replacing with new stainless steel ones. However, if spokes are irreplaceable we can try accommodate which we can discuss with you upon viewing.

Q. Can I bring my parts to you personally?

Ans. Yes no problem, we would ask that you call us first though to make sure the right person is on site to discuss your requirements with you